Hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes and other storms can happen suddenly and without warning. Regardless of the type of storm, the path of destruction can causing catastrophic damage to your home or business. Cornerstone specializes in claim oversight - getting the most out of your policy as possible and putting you on the fast track to rebuild.

Damage can take many forms, and it is often easy to overlook potential collateral damage that may be covered by your policy. That is why it is so important to contact a public adjuster as soon as possible so that they can ensure that everything is assessed and you receive the compensation you deserve. Receiving the highest possible claim will allow you to begin the process of rebuilding after such a horrible event. We at Cornerstone have extensive experience in this area and are here to help. Don’t go it alone, choose Cornerstone.

“When my house got totaled in Hurricane Sandy, I was devastated. I called Brian and he came to meet me the next day. Brian looked through every inch of the house and typed up a detailed report that included color pictures to send to my insurance company. He was diligent, fast, and attentive to detail. He worked closely with the other Insurance adjuster over the next few weeks. To my surprise, all Brian’s hard work paid off and I received a fair settlement check faster then any of my neighbors who were going through the same process. I didn’t lift a finger throughout the whole stressful process because Brian handled everything. I immediately got workers into my house and was only out of a home for 6 months. Thanks to Brian, I was back into my house fast and able to resume my normal life. I would highly recommend Brian. He is diligent and has a tremendous work ethic to get the job done!” – Roger, Connecticut Shoreline


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